JLX Ductil Iron Bellow Valve

JLX incorporate in his Standard Manufacture Range of Bellow Valves Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel this:

NEW High perfomance valves from Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

EN-JS1049 ( EN-GJS-400-180LT )

Following our high quality process and use same internal parts of our standard production Carbon Steel valves obtaining total interchangeability

Design Standard EN12516 / F to F EN558 /EN1092 Flange Hole & EN1092-2 Flange Thickness

Special Services Bellow Valves

Special Services Bellow Valves

JLX perform Bellow Valves with special sealing Welded TIG procedure used to sealed Bellow with Bonnet to prevent leakages during evere work conditions

JLX – We are at your service


Let’s enjoy doing what we do well, and having done it well.

New Certificate of FUGITIVE EMISSIONS According ISO 15848-1 2on Edition 2015 Certified by “Det Norske Veritas” DNV-GL.

Our Range of Gate , Globe And Bellow Valves have successfully passed Fugitive Emissions Test.

Ranges of Qualification -46ºC–RT-450ºC and –29ºC + 40ºC Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel & Low Carbon Steel.

ISO FE Tightness Class AH / Endurance Class CO1.


We continue advancing in our quality standards.

JLX Gate Valves have been Fire Safe approved, according to API 6FA Third Edition April 1999.

Nowadays we can supply Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Duplex Stainless Steel range of materials with mentioned API 6FA Fire Safe Certification.

This is part of our ongoing effort to improve our products.

We will share more news about our company very soon!


Success of visits on the Valve World Expo 2016

JLX VALVE’s booth at the tenth edition of the trade fair Valve World Expo, held in Düsseldorf from 29/11 to 01/12, had a large influx of people during the three days of the celebration.


During the trade fair, current and potential customers showed their interest in our services and valves. It was a great opportunity to make visible our news and to strengthen existing links.
We thank the trust placed in our company and inform them that the team JLX VALVE is available on the phone or email indicated on this website for any questions that arose.

Expo Valve World 2016
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We introduce the new range of bellows seal valves

We are introducing at the next Valve World Exhibition the new range of JLX bellows seal valves focusing on offering an excellent quality at a competitive price.

The range of JLX bellows seal valves is basically designed to eliminate one of the most serious and frequent problems in steam and thermal fluid installations. This is the leakage through the gland, that can be the reason of unforeseen maintenance shutdowns, with the consequent cost due to loss of energy.

Long life and hermetic sealing

Standard JLX bellows seal valves are manufactured with carbon steel body & bonnet and double-layer bellows, despite we can manufacture other qualities and up to 12 multi-layer bellows. Normally used to achieve a perfect closure, even after years of inactivity, our bellows are capable of withstanding over 10,000 cycles without failure. These are generally used in thermal fluids installations, capable to resist temperatures up to 600 ° C. These are easy to repair and operate, having a semi-conical plug that offers added value as standard. Other obturator designs are available under request. You can request your stocks needs to our wide network of distributors.

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