Needle valve – Soft seated plug type

Needle regulating valves suitable for instrumentation circuits and generally high pressure lines up to 4″. PTFE sealed up to 64 Bar.


1. Regulation plug conical seat with PTFE sleeve
2. Minimum pressure drop
3. Recommended to be used in viscous fluids lines as well as with gas (LPG). In general used in pipes until 1″ diameter
4. Safety back seating plug design seals in fully open position


Size: until 2″
NPT: according ANSI B2.1
BSP: according DIN 259
· AC Type in Carbon Steel UNE 36011
· SS Type in Stainless Steel 316 Type
In all the cases the stem and the plug are made of Stainless Steel 316.
Packing and sleeve: PTFE

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