Knife gate valves

Knife gate valves have a blade inside that “cuts” the flow of the water, the liquid or the mass as it circulates. That explains why they are sometimes included in the gate valve group.
They are specifically designed for handling liquid that would be difficult to stop with any other type of valve. Knife gate valves, used in industry in general, have a circular bore with high flow capacity that reduces loss of pressure.

This type of valve allows the flow of fluid through its circular section. Once it has been determined that the fluid is not required to continue flowing, the blade is slid downwards, “cutting” the flow. The blade is then pushed against the seat, secured in place and ensuring that no more fluid flows through the valve. This avoids jams. It is also characterised by its bidirectional flexibility, i.e. knife gate valves can be installed in any direction of the piping

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Knife gate valve

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