Lift plug valve

To open Lift plug valve, we should turn the hand wheel to make the plug rotate towards the opening direction. Then, the plug is lifted and separated from the sealed surface. At that time, operator should further turn the handle by 90° to make the channel of plug connect with the channel of valve body. Then, the valve is opened. During the valve opening and closing process, the sealed surface is taken off. Thus, there is no abrasion on the sealed surface.


1. The product has reliable seal and excellent action
2. Valve opens and closes while seal surface withdraws, therefore not causing abrasion
3. Installation in any position
4. Valve part materials and flange sizes may be configured to customer’s requirements


Size: from 1/2″ to 14″
Pressure: 150 – 1500LB
Material: A216 WCB, A217 WC1, A351 CF8M, WC6, WC9, CF8M, CF3M, CF5M or other alloys
Design and production standard: API599, API 6D
Distance between flanges: ANSI B16.10
Flange connection: ANSIB16.5
Test standard: API598, API6D
Structure: Bolted bonnet
Actuation: may be activated manually using wheel as gear
Medium: the valve is suitable for several media including water, steam, oil, gas, petrol products, nitric acid, acetic acid, etc.
Working temperature: from -196ºC (cryogenics service), -46ºC or -50ºC (stainless steel constructions) and -29ºC (carbon steel constructions) up to 550℃

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