JLX Ductil Iron Bellow Valve

JLX incorporate in his Standard Manufacture Range of Bellow Valves Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel this:

NEW High perfomance valves from Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

EN-JS1049 ( EN-GJS-400-180LT )

Following our high quality process and use same internal parts of our standard production Carbon Steel valves obtaining total interchangeability

Design Standard EN12516 / F to F EN558 /EN1092 Flange Hole & EN1092-2 Flange Thickness

Special Services Bellow Valves

Special Services Bellow Valves JLX perform Bellow Valves with special sealing Welded TIG procedure used to sealed Bellow with Bonnet to prevent leakages during severe work conditions JLX – We are at your service